Friday, January 31, 2014


This is just a quick update that I now have confirmation that I have celiac disease. Yesterday, I went for an endoscopy. It sounds a lot more complex than it was (for the person who has been hospitalized 3 times - twice for childbirth and once for a tubal). Basically, they gowned me up, gave me an IV, and off we went to the procedure room. Just after they started the IV sedation medication, they asked me to lay on my side and put a thing in my mouth to keep it open after I fell asleep. I don't remember a thing after that until a nurse was asking me to wake up.

The IV meds wear off very quickly and the gastroenterologist came in with lots of not-so-gorgeous photos of my esophagus, stomach and duodenum area of the small intestine. He confirmed that I have grade 1 esophagitis from GERD (reflux). I knew I had GERD since I was diagnosed with it about a year or so ago. Then he showed me area of the duodenum that were "scalloped" and "compatible with Celiac Disease". They took a biopsy which gets sent off to a lab for a final result but based on the bloodwork and the photos he took he is 100% confident I have celiac.

By the time I got home, I was feeling pretty much like my normal self - maybe a tad more tired the rest of the evening but as if nothing really ever happened!

I am going in for a follow up in 2 weeks to go over the lab results and blood work I also had done and being referred out to a dietitian.'s a gluten free life for me I guess! It could be a lot worse. I'm not a huge bread eater anyway - never have been. I do like sweet breads but I shouldn't be having a lot of those anyway given all the type 2 diabetes in my family. I see there are a lot of options for gluten free pasta, etc. out there. And the world is all okay because my all time favorite restaurant, Pei Wei/PF Changs, has a gluten free menu. I can live with out breadsticks and pasta. I'm not sure I could live without  a treat of Pei Wei once in a while!!!

I have a lot of supportive family and friends. This just is additional confirmation for me that I CAN AND WILL conquer my unhealthy eating habits and maybe without gluten in my diet, I won't be so darn tired all the time.

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