Monday, September 9, 2013


Yesterday, Alex had a birthday party - her first party since being diagnosed (last year she chose to have a family dinner and larger gift in lieu of a party).

I tried to limit our guests this year because
  1. I have a small house.
  2. I have a limited budget.
  3. There are less conflicts.
  4. I don't lose my sanity (completely anyway).
So with a number set at 8 guests, Alex was having lots of agony over deciding who to invite (and so was I actually). She has friends at school; cousins; friends from our diabetes world; friends from the neighborhood; etc.

Finally we came up with a list and it included one other friend with T1. After all was said and done we sent out 8 invites and all 8 RSVP'd yes.

This is actually the first time I've been left to watch another child with T1 alone. And are you ready to laugh? I was rather terrified!!!! I know how my daughter's T1 behaves (for the most part)! I know how she handles party food, counting carbs, etc. Now I was going to be responsible for someone else's T1! I wanted to do my best AND not allow her to feel singled out at the party. I wanted to make sure the decisions I make about carbs for those sketchy foods (a piece of cake; tortilla chips, etc.) would be okay decisions and not send the poor kid home with a BG of 500 or be screaming for the glucagon because I over bolused her.

My rational self KNOWS this is ridiculous. I handle Alex all the time. What difference does another child make?

All in all the event went awesome for the other girl at the party. She is such a mature, social, cheerful young lady. I was happy to have her (and her parents drove all the way from the other side of town!) I was happy her parents were confident with my ability to care for their child so much so they went to a movie and a mini date while their child was in my care (a big deal to me because we rarely go to a movie when Alex is in someone else's care because of the no texting/phone policy at the theatre!) I could tell they were excited to have some time alone and feel confident in my ability to take care of their girl.

I will say that whole YDMV phrase applies (Your Diabetes May Vary)! I had made up carb count cheat sheets for both girls and also labelled some of the foods. I tried to discreetly help them count carbs throughout the event.


Before cake, I asked both girls to test. Alex was 170. Her friend was 109. I chose to bolus them for 25 grams because they were doing lots of running around. I found her friend munching out of the fish cracker bowl a few times without counting. Instead of trying to stop her and make her test, count, etc. I just asked her and Alex to test a few other times during the party and keep an eye on the numbers. I believe the whole time, her friend stayed between 100 and 170 despite the uncovered munching. On a side note, the friend couldn't find her poking device. How cool is it that she was here and I went to the cabinet and found one of like a dozen pokers in the brand she uses and gave it to her with a new lancet and told her to keep it (Alex doesn't even use that brand). No phone calls needed to her parents!

The most interesting part of the whole thing to me is, the very even keeled friend stayed in a good range despite lots of party food and commotion. My child? The one who counted every carb (at least as far as I could see) was reading HIGH on the dex by the time the party ended despite many attempts to correct and set higher basals, etc. She was in the 400s until around 6 PM and started coming down finally after that. My child who doesn't have an even-keel bone in her body! You have to laugh because what else can you do?

At any rate, all the girls had fun! Diabetes didn't get in the way and Alex and her friend I think loved having a friend together at this party that "got it". Awesome!

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  1. Love it! I was nervous the first time I watched another D-kid too, and it was also at Kortnie's birthday party. This little one was maybe 3 years old though and on shots and when it came time to give her the shot is when I really almost flipped out. It was hard enough giving my own kid a shot but some other kid? YIKES! I even tried to get my husband to do it for me and he was like "NO WAY! Her mom is your friend, you give her the shot!" LOL, and I did and everything was fine, but yeah, it was scary, LOL.