Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just why?

Why is it that I can have like 2 weeks of in range numbers (for the most part) and then suddenly this happens:

Granted this happens as my daughter mentions (casually no less) that her pump alarmed some time earlier in the day that the cartridge was low. AND, she decided to have 3 helpings of rice crackers between lunch and dinner (and though she bolused I doubt she bolused correctly from looking at her pump logs. Have I mentioned anything rice is evil? Have I mentioned how annoying it is to lecture my daughter about over snacking? She is ALWAYS wanting to snack! It's extra annoying since I know how she feels but it doesn't make it okay!)

So I change the site and say a prayer that in range numbers will return. And...they don't. Granted, she isn't HIGH anymore! But she is hovering around 200 and mostly hovers there since the site change about 36 hours ago. Last night I bolused her TWICE in the middle of the night and she finally woke up at a nice 130 number. But before the site change, there was no need to bolus her at night let alone get up twice to get those 200s to go away.  Then she has a breakfast of eggs and bacon and 1/2 cup of milk and shoots up to 246. Golly, what if she ate cereal? How can I make a more protein rich breakfast than eggs and bacon for pete's sake?

We're not doing anything different. Basals have not been changed. She isn't eating differently. We changed 3 sites in the span that she had in range numbers without any change. We didn't open a new bottle of insulin with this site change and it is not over the 30 day mark.

So why diabetes? Why? I get in range numbers and think all is going well. Then with the blink of an eye I don't have the in range numbers anymore. And I'm left wondering what the hell do I do now? Do I change her basals? Do I ride it out until the next site change? Do I bother her more than I already do to test and correct? Do I pull the site even though in fairness it doesn't appear to have failed since obviously she went down to 130 this morning? just suck.

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