Friday, February 15, 2013

It's the little things...

It's the little things that we used to not think about...that now aren't so "little" anymore. Yesterday was one of those cute "half days" for school. I don't know why they call them half days because they go to school for 2 hours. I'm pretty sure my math skills aren't so bad that I can't figure out that isn't actually half of the day. And you wonder why Arizona schools are failing?

Anyway, it was also Valentine's Day. Alex had donuts, milk, a cookie, and lots of candy in the 2 hours I sent her to school. She came home 244. In years past, we would have just looked at her Valentines filled with candy and not shrugged a shoulder at her popping a mini box of nerds in her mouth or a fun dip an hour later. It was Valentine's Day. We like to say she is like everyone else...but when your 244 with 2 arrows're not. And you have to think about which Valentines to eat and which ones to save and which ones make good low sugar savers.

So, we had a semi-healthy lunch filled with protein and she played with a friend most of the day. They rode bikes and did all the normal things 10 year old girls do. Her blood sugar was a nice 111ish most of the day once it came down from the Valentine party fest. 

Around 6 PM her friend's family invited Alex to dinner out with them. I said okay...and then learned they were going to a Chinese restaurant. And boom...that is going to wreck out little 111ish numbers. And, there is no way to count carbs accurately for Chinese food that isn't a chain restaurant with semi accurate carb counts listed! And, I'm not going with her to visually assess what she eats. But I'm not going to say no...because as much as my stomach was churning over this bit of news, I'm determined that I'm not going to say no to something because of the D-Word unless it's just not safe. This is safe...just a royal pain in the ass!

So they go to dinner, and I wait for the texts. After 20 minutes, I call Alex. They've apparently ordered...
  • Steamed Rice
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Chow Mien
  • Egg Drop Soup
  • Some Vegetable thing
Oh, and they are eating family style so not sure about portions really until it comes (which is why I didn't get a text). I REALLY don't know what to do. And I know whatever I do, it's going to be wrong. I'm asking Alex questions and finally the mom comes on the phone. I tell her that basically she should bolus 65 if she is only eating 1/2 cup a rice and 95 if she eats 1 cup of rice. That's the best I can figure. She says okay. 

10 minutes later, I get a blurry picture via text. 

Now how and the heck am I going to judge that? I can't even see if that brown stuff is rice. Or is it just the white stuff? And how big is the plate really? I don't want to call the mom again and make her scrutinize the dish for me. It's Valentine's Day. She is out with her husband, her kid and my kid. I'd like her to keep inviting my kid places (they have been super awesome with Alex and taken her to the mall, a sleepover, etc.) I can't hound her for nutritional info she doesn't know either.

And then I get 2 texts in a row. How many carbs? Clearly my 65 or 95 was not comfortable to the mom I talked to. She didn't want to make the call. And I didn't either if I'm being honest!!!! I don't know!!!! I start having my mini meltdown at home in my room with my phone. If I bolus to low, she'll be sky high all night. If I bolus too much, she'll drop like a rock. But there is just no way I can know what carbs are in this dish from 5 miles away and a blurry photo. So I just write back "bolus 70" and gulp. Hopefully I didn't screw it up too much, right?

Alex comes home and is 234 with an arrow up. Not horrible. I set basal up 20% and hold onto Dexie. 30 minutes later it alarms with double arrows down. 84 and dropping with 4.33 units on board. Shit, I shouldn't have set the basal up. I'm just used to rice doing bad things to her. I turn the temp basal off and have her eat a fun dip and a 4 oz. apple juice. She drops down to 60 but comes back up. Then by about midnight she is 270. 

It was a long night...I know I didn't do the most perfect corrections and choices for carb counts. But what can I do? It's a learning experience. But it's just the little things that tick me wishing I could just hug my kid goodbye while she goes to have dinner with friends and not worry about carbs and corrections.


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  1. Dang Chinese food! LOL, we went out for chinese all you can eat buffet the other night, I did a combo bolus for 100 carbs and a temp basal of +50% and she still ended up high all night, lots of checks and boluses (that she got to sleep thru!) and woke up with a 116. I just am not sure if all you can eat yumminess is worth the long night of checks and boluses....she loves it though and so do the other 2 kids and my husband!