Friday, February 1, 2013


That would be the increase in prescription costs for just TWO of the prescriptions Alex has to have. I literally broke out in hives when told the cost on the phone yesterday. I am still shocked.

We have new insurance as of Jan 1st. We've been on COBRA for several months while my husband transitioned to a new job (via a contracting agency). COBRA was crazy expensive...$1200 each month for the premiums and then whatever out of pocket costs were needed - prescriptions, copays, the pump supplies (and pump). I was eager for my husband to move to his new job permanently and obtain their insurance plan.

So here we are holding our shiny new insurance cards which reduced our premiums to $600 a month pretaxed. I thought we were sitting pretty. NOT! I first felt alarmed when I filled prescriptions for my son and I yesterday morning...prescriptions that cost us $40 per month total for both under the old plan. The bill yesterday was $106. I went home and called the new plan's pharmacy line to ask about it and start mail order service for Alex's main prescriptions: Novolog and One Touch Test Strips.

Old Plan 3 Month Mail Order Cost:
  • Novolog: $80 (Buy 2 months at $40 each, get one month "free" via mail order)
  • OneTouch Strips: $80 (Same Buy 2/Get 1 deal)
Total Cost $160

I've never had a pharmacy plan that didn't have copays. You paid a flat fee. Apparently our new plan doesn't do this. We pay 30% of the cost of the drug. Add insult to injury with a crappy mail order offer Buy 2 months, get 1 month half off the normal 30% cost to you.

New Plan 3 Month Mail Order Cost:
  • Novolog: $253.98
  • OneTouch Strips: $296.35
So yesterday I spent a total of $656 on drugs. I would have spent $200 last month TOTAL. The kicker? It doesn't even apply to my plan deductible.

Explain to me why it should matter where you fucking work to change the cost of life saving drugs for your kid? Oh you work for this company? $20 for you. This company? $80 for you. That company? $656 for you. Oh you're self employed and can't afford insurance? Screw you I guess. Die?

This is what I hate about health insurance and for profit insurance companies and overpriced pharmaceutical drugs from companies that are making money hand over fist. How about not making me beach balls, beach towels, backpacks, water bottles, and pens with your company name on them and reducing the price of the drugs to a normal amount? How about not spending millions on commercials and 4 page magazine inserts on your drugs?

$3401 out of pocket per year for Novolog, Test Strips, and the prescription for Ben and I. And I haven't even covered ketone strips, pump supplies and CGM supplies...yet. I couldn't ask about those yesterday. I was too busy breaking out in hives...which hopefully won't require another prescription. 


  1. I don't get it either. It's crazy. We had Ahcccs when diagnosed and everything was free, we got our pump, pump supplies, test strips, insulin all for free and I had no D-friends or D-Groups back then telling me how much everything cost. So when our ahcccs got denied I was shocked at how much everything cost, we got on this crap insurance that didn't cover anything. Insulin $126 per month, test strips I started buying them on ebay because it was cheaper than the pharmacy, pump supplies, full price all on my credit card, specialist visits, full price, so we went once during that year, her A1C tests were $40 and I did those every 3 months. We used up the supply we had hoarded while on ahcccs, then paid full price for around 8 months, it was a bad year! Then last year Jan 2012 we got on a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. We pay $380 a month with a $10,000 deductible, but our insulin is down to $15 for 2 vials per month and $15 for 300 test strips per month and our specialis visit is $50 with free in office A1C finger pricks, the yearly blood draw I think is around $30. But, heaven forbid any of the rest of us from getting sick or anything serious, that will cost us an arm and a leg. Its so hard, I never know what to do, my husband could get better insurance but its like $800 a month and we just can't afford that. BLAH! I want my Ahcccs back, maybe we can quit working and get some free stuff. LOL

  2. It's sad...Sarah qualifies for Social Security because she is under 5 and a T1D. However because I work for a living that disqualifies her. I would have to quit my job if I wanted to get SSI. We get no help...But yet we are hemorrhaging money because of this. I am so frustrated :(

  3. I wish at least there was some way to get equity for out of pocket costs for prescriptions. Joe works for a fairly decent sized medical company...I can't believe they don't have a good prescription plan. I totally misread the plan pamphlet when they handed out when he took the job to read $30 or 30% thinking $30 was the copay unless the drug cost less than that. Actually it's $30 if the drug retail price is $30 or less. If it's more, you pay 30%. That's a big difference. Their wording is so crappy.