Friday, January 11, 2013

We did it!

After weeks of delaying, I watched the online tutorial. I watched several YouTube videos (and it doesn't escape my mind that it's more than a little wacked to learn how to put needles in your kid from watching YouTube). And we did it!

Hoping it starts up the way it is supposed to and the little transmitter will be happy. I felt confident with the procedure overall. The trickiest part was putting the transmitter on. I thought for some reason it would click in the back part way before you pulled the latch up? I don't know. I held it down with one hand per the instructions and used the other hand to pull up on the latch. Seemed to snap in. I did hear a couple clicks. Now we wait about another 1.5 hours for start up.

Alex said it hurt "a little" going in. I did use EMLA but don't know if I did that right. I rubbed some on the area. But then you wash the area right? I rubbed it in. I waited 30 minutes. I wiped with an alcohol wipe. Then I wiped with an IV prep wipe. Then I inserted it. She yelped when I pushed in the inserter slightly. No big screams. She said it pinched going in. But she didn't cry afterwards so I don't think it was too bad. When we have bad site changes that hurt, she cries afterwards for a bit so I know they hurt sometimes in some places.

So...we'll see what comes next I guess!

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