Friday, January 25, 2013

Those Pesky Sleepovers

I swear...some weeks are just totally drama filled turmoil when it comes to making decisions that diabetes factors into. As if I wasn't dealing with enough between all the issues/changes for school and then some other typical 10 year old tween friend drama (where part of the drama centers on some girls accusing Alex of using her diabetes to gain attention and friends)...I get a sleepover invitation...for tonight...given out yesterday...

Our last sleepover went great as far as diabetes was concerned. Alex was hugely responsible and her numbers stayed within a safe range. But I also knew the parents at least casually and I had some time to prepare myself and Alex.

This time, I don't know the parents. I don't even know the friend other than her name mentioned then and again.'s pretty short notice.

So my first reaction was a no - it's not enough notice; I don't know the mom; Alex has a game Saturday morning; the sleepover is about 10 miles away so it isn't in the neighborhood. Alex started giving me crocodile tears and crying that she used to do sleepovers and now she never does. I decided to take a few steps back and I told her to let me have a time out.

I started to think about the fact that here I am accusing her school of not building wings and what am I doing? Alex has been HUGELY AWESOME when it comes to managing her pump and bolusing for carbs. She texted me EVERY SINGLE TIME at the last sleepover for her BGs and carb counts - even the 2 AM check! What am I teaching my 10 year old if I say no? She isn't 5 years old. She has Dexie too.

So...I decided to put on my big girl panties and give the mom a call and so long as the other mom seemed okay with helping out with a low blood sugar and learning how to use Glucagon...well we should do this.  So I called the mom and she was indeed on board with helping out with a low blood sugar and using Glucagon if it was needed. She even offered to set her alarm for 2:30 and make sure Alex tested (I originally told Alex to set her phone alarm and test herself as she has done this a couple times on her own without my knowing beforehand when I was sick and she was trying to be thoughtful...awww).

So it seemed like this sleepover despite the late notice was going to be a go. Except...the mom mentioned she was sick...came home from work sick and aches and fatigue and her girls had been feverish and sick the week before.  Right then I knew the answer would go back to a no :-( I cannot willingly send Alex to a house with most likely a mom with flu symptoms. The mom actually agreed and in fact said she was going to move the sleepover to 2 weekends from now because she thought she was getting sicker and her girl really wanted Alex to come.

So the sleepover is to be continued...but as much as I hate this whole sleepover thing...I know in my heart it's just wrong for me to deny her things I would not be denying her if diabetes had not entered the picture. I can't expect responsibility from her if I don't reward her when she is responsible.

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