Monday, January 28, 2013

How Not to Embarass Your 7th Grader

Yes, you read that right...your 7th grader! Alex is in fact a 4th grader. But she has a 7th grade brother who happens to be one awesome kid who takes most things in stride. But he is in middle school...

So, Friday was Alex's FIRST day carrying her pump meter to school along with her FIRST day testing in the classroom. Woo Hoo! She came home after school and everything seemed A-Okay. Dexie was happy. Alex was happy. The nurse was happy.

Fast forward about 2 hours and it was time to drop of Alex's older brother to his second junior high dance. I was running late because I was on the phone with a mom I've never talked to before about a possibly play date for Alex. My son was anxiously pacing the floor as I finished up on the phone. I knew we were late too so I hurriedly grabbed my purse and keys and told Alex to grab her meter and get in the car.

This is where things took a new turn...Alex couldn't find her pump meter. Apparently she left it at school in her desk on the first day she took it to school. (Insert Big Sigh). So, we grabbed the backup meter and got in the car with Alex near tears and a very annoyed big brother who just wanted to get to his dance and meet his "friend" (I'm not even going there.)

We parked instead of doing drop off. I thought it seemed rather odd that my son was extra quiet and "rushed" as we parked. He is never rushed. I was distracted though with the teary eyed girl and the thought of an expensive meter sitting somewhere in the school over the weekend. I tried to match my son's pace as we got to the front door of the school where lots of middle school kids were entering. I scanned for an adult and explained "I'm Ben's mom and this is my daughter and I need to get into her classroom because she left an important glucose meter in her desk".

Do you see where I'm going? If you've been to junior high, you do! At this point I'm yelling "Bye Ben!" and I can barely make him out down the hall.

The principal walks us to Alex's class and Alex gets the meter (whew!) and we walk back to the car...where we notice Ben's door was wide open - he never even shut it.

That's how big of a hurry he was in to get away from his old mother and little sister and our drama. Yes, in my much distracted concerned state, it didn't occur to me that it's NOT COOL for mom and little sister to walk us into our junior high dance, let alone announce ourselves and yell goodbye.



  1. boy do I remember!! BUT, as parents, I have decided it is our job to embarass them ;) Gives them character... not to mention entertaining for us.