Monday, January 7, 2013

Get it together!

So I had all these lofty goals of posting all of November for that blog challenge. And, then I was going to be really really thoughtful and insightful and post all kinds of wondrous stuff in December...Alex's first diaversary. But yeah, so here it is January and well let's just say life intervenes! Onward and upward...

This is a selfish post lecture to myself...

I spent months whining like a baby about getting a Continuous Glucose Monitor to everyone and anyone! I groaned about paying out of pocket for the thing because of my plan's high deductible. I lamented about having some semblance of peace of mind at night for blood sugar checks. And then came November...when the King family sadly enough met all their deductible and coinsurance requirements for the 2012 year. That's never happened before! Needless to say, the time was hot to be sure I had everything I needed in the diabetes world before 2013 - prescriptions filled; insulin pump supplies ordered; and the discussion of a CGM with the endocrinologist.

The endocrinologist whole-heartedly agreed that a CGM was appropriate and sent over the prescription for a Dexcom G4. After several weeks of paperwork and jumping through hoops insurance approval the shiny blue G4 arrived a few days after Christmas! Merry Christmas to me and to Alex (well I'm not sure she would see it as a Christmas gift like I would).

And...after all that whining and wrangling, you'd think I'd be sitting here gushing over the technology of it and it's readings. Alas, it sits in a box in my kitchen staring at me to do something about it. I've read the book. I've examined the boxes of inserters/sensors/etc. I have the tutorial for my computer sitting on my desk. I've watched a few YouTube videos. I've reached out to friends. And it still sits in a box.

I don't know what I"m afraid of exactly. I guess just sticking her with unfamiliar needles is not exactly enticing? I mean, I stick her with needles almost on a daily basis. This shouldn't be unfamiliar here. least everything I've stuck her with so far someone has shown me how to do it first...this...I'm kinda just supposed to do.

Anyway it's time to go for it. I'm doing this. I promise. Because my alternative is to call her doctor's office, drive way the heck down to PCH with a ticked off kid who is missing school (and does NOT need to miss school with the way her grades have been the last few months), and for what? To do the same thing I should be able to do here where she is more comfortable?

So I need to get this together and get it done. Quit blogging and stick that tutorial in the computer's CD ROM drive.  Order some EMLA tomorrow through the doctor as recommended by a friend and go for it...

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  1. To me the CGM sounds awesome too, but also freaks me the heck out, I've shown Kortnie some pictures and stuff and told her what it does and she IS.NOT.INTERESTED! So, I haven't pushed the issue, although lately we have been having some really wonky numbers which have resulted in me pulling my hair out, cursing, crying and stomping. And her getting mad becuase she can't have a piece of holiday fudge or pie. BLAH! As puberty grows closer, the CGM is starting to look more like a battle I'm gonna pick with her. Good Luck!