Saturday, January 19, 2013

1 Click? 2 Click?

So last night was Dexcom sensor change #2. Don't think I didn't stress about it since say Wednesday. We had a GREAT week on sensor #1. I was very much impressed with Dexie. She let us know about highs and lows before they got out of hand and I can very much see how this will help us with some tighter control and get Alex to realize when she is getting low since in the past several months, she has either been hypo unaware or unwilling (at school).

So the good news was that we got sensor #2 in and I must have improved with my technique of applying the numbing cream because she didn't feel a thing this time. The bad news is I wasn't paying attend to clicks. I thought I did okay. Again, it just feels like the clicking in of the transmitter is unnatural or awkward or something.

All night, Dexie did her job and seemed okay. Then this morning we were up early for a volleyball game. Alex had to shower. When she got out of the shower Dexie started hollering about "high" and pointing above 400. This was odd since Dexie was reading in the low 100s before the shower (and was right). Alex tested and was 131. We entered the BG and Dexie gave this funky screen (to me) with two hourglasses and a blood drop and asked us to enter blood in 1 hour. Just in time for the volleyball game...great.

So fast forward to the game. Dexie alternated between showing the hourglass and blood drop and 3 question marks (???). WTH does that mean? I didn't have the manual with us. Of course Alex had an incident during the game of feeling low (and wasn't) and I entered BGs into Dexie even though it said ??? hoping Dexie would wake up or something.

When we returned home I asked to look at the sensor. Alex  noticed as we looked at it one side of the transmitter was not snapped in. Score one for Alex! So being the rash person I am I snapped it in and heard a click. Then I read the book (of course after the fact) and it mentioned if the transmitter isn't in, fluid can get under the transmitter and cause bad readings...recall shower and high 400s??? Now that Dexie was all snapped in, the hourglasses and blood drop returned. I was really thinking we would have to insert a new sensor and mighty annoyed at myself for it. But I finally did something right...I called the 24 hour tech support line. The support person suggested entering blood again now that the transmitter was secure so we did. Lo and behold Dexie asked for a second drop of blood by getting rid of the hourglasses and showing us one single blood drop on the screen. That was new! So we did it. Within about 10 minutes, Dexie was online and has been doing her job all day. So here is to hoping we saved the sensor for the week.

Now I know what the clicks are for...

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