Monday, November 12, 2012

#NHBPM Day 12: This is Ridiculous!

This is day 12 of Wego Health National Health Blog Post Month. Today's topic is to "Call BS on something - What is something that is just ridiculous?"

This post is late in the day but I am going to squeak by and get it in. Alex and I had a busy day. It started at 5:30 this morning with a drive down to Phoenix Children's Hospital for outpatient surgery. This surgery was supposed to take place last month. Unfortunately, Alex got sick and it had to be rescheduled. So, today was the day. I really didn't have time to think about it much or stress with all the diabetes stress of this past week. Maybe that's a good thing. 

Recovery Room in PCH after ear surgery 11/12/12
This was a very minor surgery and something we've grown used to in some ways. Alex has had chronic ear infections since she was a baby. She got her first set of ear tubes when she was 7 months old. She proceeded to get tubes several more times as well as her tonsils and adenoids removed. Her last set of ear tubes were placed when she was 5 years old and in kindergarten. These were her second set of "t-tubes" - more permanent tubes meant to last up to 5 years. The regular tubes never worked for her. 

Before diabetes became the bane of our existence, Alex's ears filled that role! Besides all the ear infections, tubes, tonsils, and adenoids, they diagnosed her with possible cholesteatoma when she was 4. It turned out we got lucky and they caught it very early so that what she had were the "pockets" that had not filled with fluid/tissue yet. We managed to reverse the pockets between the tubes and getting her allergies sorted out which caused the congestion and pressure build up. She had allergy shots for a year once a week (and I thought that sucked at the time - ha ha). 

Anyway...Alex is now 10. She's had the tubes in for 5 years. She's had a few nasty ear infections over the past few months. It was decided the tubes need to come out. This will be the first time she will be tube free since she was 7 months old except for about the year before she developed the cholesteatoma...let's hope not having tubes doesn't cause that again!

So here we are this morning, sitting in the pre-op and the ENT comes in and starts telling me how I need to use cups and cover the openings with saran wrap and have Alex hold them over her ears while I wash her hair for the next weeks over the sink. I kept waiting for him to grin and say "just kidding". Until, I realized, he was dead serious! Like WTF? That's RIDICULOUS!

You see they didn't just pull the tubes. Alex has had some holes in her ear drums noticed by the pediatrician and ENT over the past year, around the area next to the tubes in both areas and another tiny speck. So, they were pulling the tubes and doing a patch paper myringotomy (spelling?). She can't get the ears wet at all. I asked why she couldn't use her plugs? Apparently, that could cause trauma in her ear canal. And, there is more likelihood she'll get the ears wet with the plugs.

My face must have shown the horror I felt inside. Because then the ENT said that with all we've been through, washing her hair in a sink shouldn't be a big deal. He's shouldn't. But Alex HATES when I touch her hair. I swear just putting the brush within 1 foot of her head causes her to scream at me. I swore off washing or brushing her hair 2 years ago. The neighbors must have thought I beat her she would scream so much. At any rate, I don't do Alex's hair! I'd rather do shots to her!!! At least that is quick. Washing her hair over a sink while she screams and holds saran wrapped glasses over her ears? Now that is just ridiculous!

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  1. Ahhh, that is ridiculous. LOL. I am just laughing and laughing though, sorry! My daughters hate when I come at their hair too. I always tell them, Go brush your hair! and they say I already did! and then I tell them, I can still see rats underneath in the back, brush it right or I'm gonna do it! Then they go brush it some more. I hate having girls with hair! They just cry and scream and pout and make me feel like I'm the meanest mom in the world when I do their hair. I'd rather do shots too!