Monday, November 5, 2012

#NHBPM Day 5: #ListOf3 Things I'm Thankful For/Excited About/Inspired By

This is day 5 of the Wego Health National Health Blog Post Month. Today's prompt is "Write a #ListOf3 things that you're thankful for/excited about/or inspired by".

I'm thankful for lower BG readings today!

Alex and I had a busy weekend highlighted by an American Girl Fashion Show out in Chandler. I noticed she had been running higher Friday and Saturday but not alarmingly so. In the middle of the show, I asked her to test. 535. Holy crap! I've never seen a number in the 500s to date! I told her to wash her hands. The next number read 440. We corrected and I continued to monitor the situation and correct when possible. She was negative for any ketones. By the time we got home she was 510. I pulled the infusion set much to my dismay since it was not even 24 hours old. It appeared to be fine but I wasn't taking chances. At any rate, she was in the 300s most of Sunday. This morning I sent her to school with a +10% Basal setting and a call into the endocrinologist. We adjusted her basal settings across the board with the exception of 1PM-5PM (this is the period she tends to run low outside of these weird few days). This evening she's been reading between 109-151. Thank you!!!

I'm thankful for a Blood Ketone Meter!

One of the most beneficial things I learned about from the DOC would be a blood ketone meter. I scored one on clearance at a drug store for $10 and it came with 4 free strips. I asked for a prescription from the endo and they gave me free samples of more strips and the script. It's interesting - most drug stores I've visited don't understand what I'm talking about. Once filled the script with urine strips. I haven't found anyone who keeps the blood test strips in stock so it takes a few days to get it filled. But, thankfully it isn't something we use all the time. But when Alex is in the 400s and a few 500s...I'm very thankful for that NovaMax Blood Ketone Meter and test strips. 

I'm thankful for the Diabetes nurses and educators at Phoenix Children's Hospital!

I've had a really positive experience with the endocrinology team at PCH. One of the things I love is that the nurses and educators have an email address to send questions and logs too. AND, they respond FAST. If they can answer via email they do. But if they need more information or have urgent concerns, they call. I've never had to wait long. They are always nice and informative. Today was no exception. I got a call and praise for our hard work in keeping Alex's numbers in check and calling when we had concern. We discussed basal settings and combo boluses (those are new to me and I'm still nervous using them). I asked about a Dex and they were positive and the nurse said she'd speak with Alex's doctor and get back to me ASAP. So...I'm glad we've stayed with this team. I wasn't sure what we would do when we first left the hospital because PCH can be so far to drive too and I've heard feedback about some other great doctors nearby. But I love Alex's doctor. I love that if God forbid we need to go to the ER or get admitted, her care team is there and knows everything about her. I love that they respond to me so fast and are always so kind and caring on the phone. Alex loves going there too.

So there you have it...3 things I'm very thankful for at the moment!

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