Sunday, November 4, 2012

#NHBPM Day 4: What's in my purse every day?

This is day 4 of the Wego Health National Health Blog Post Month. Today's prompt is Write about what's in your bag/purse/backpack every day.

Full disclosure is that I'm tired this afternoon. If I had more ambition at the moment, I'd take some photos but after an evening of strange high numbers over 500 for 6+ hours followed by a cranky 10 year old who has been nothing but argumentative makes me want to crawl on the couch in my PJs and ignore the world.
Anyway, it took me a solid 3 months to find a "bag" that worked to carry the essentials after Alex was diagnosed. We tried carrying soft coolers, hard mini coolers, insulated lunch bags and pouches and so on. One day my mother gave me a bag of stuff from her RV that she didn't want anymore (this happens frequently when they visit as she is into purging "stuff" with their their limited space). Inside that bag was a black backpack purse that was insulated. I actually guess it was a diaper bag at some point but from the outside it looks like a backpack purse (no idea why she had a diaper bag). It has a front and back pocket that zips and 2 zip up pockets that run down each side. It is insulated everywhere but a front pocket. It has a strap that can be unzipped to separate into two straps and be worn as a backpack, or zipped up to be one strap that acts as a sling purse. I like having the backpack because my hands are free. I'm sure it isn't the most fashionable bag but it works and it isn't ugly.
Inside that bag are...
  • A mini wallet that has a detachable strap - this holds all my credit cards, bank card and cash as well as IDs, etc. If I am not with Alex and I so choose to, I can just take this mini wallet with the strap as a mini purse.
  • Pack of tissues
  • Pack of sugar free chewing gum
  • Pens
  • A mini bottle of antibacterial hand gel from Bath and Body works
  • Mini notepad
  • Alex's glucose meter (zipped in it's own pouch)
  • A larger zipped pouch fits in the side pocket and it contains the diabetes essentials: Glucagon, Glucose Gel and Tablets, Syringes, Alcohol Wipes, Lithium Battery and regular battery (for her pump and meter); 2  mini bags of Teddy Grahams, 3 Quick Sticks, 3 Smarties, Ketone Strips, Spare Infusion Set and Cartridge

That's it! I like this system because...the large zipper pouch (which was a free case received from Abbott) can be pulled out and handed to someone if Alex is not going to be with me. I don't have to gather up the emergency supplies and transfer them to other places. I just pull out the pouch and it goes with Alex if she is with her Dad, uncle, grandma, etc. I like that I have my mini purse wallet for when I am on my own (although a rare occurrence) because I am not a big purse loving person.

Occasionally, Alex carries a purse when we go shopping together and she'll carry her meter in her own purse, but I'll still carry the bigger pouch. On her meter case, she has a small keychain that holds 4 glucose tablets so she always has her meter and some tablets if needed (she carries this when playing at friends houses etc.)

So...that's it in a nutshell! Now back to chasing highs...

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  1. I need one of those glucose tabe key chains, I keep forgetting to look for one when I go to walmart. Hope the highs came down and she's not getting sick, seems like when Kortnie is trying to get sick she has crazy highs 1 or 2 days before the sickness sets in. Yuck!