Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What is normal anyway?

I was going through some old photos earlier and it boggles my mind to see how big my kids have gotten. Where did the time go? It's like I don't even remember the time between them being little kids and where they are now. And I hate how hard it is for me to look at pictures of Alex before diabetes. I look at her cute little smiling face on a fishing boat about 4 summers ago and I think to myself...this was life before diabetes.

It's unnatural how "normal" diabetes has become.
  • When we went for Alex's surgery last week, they needed to take blood. I looked around at the other kids screaming and crying during pre-op procedures. And then there was Alex...she pricked her own finger, held up the blood, and asked the nurse if that was enough blood or did she need more.
  • We went to a salad buffet restaurant yesterday for Alex's birthday, and had to wing it with most of the portions for carbs. I leaned over to Alex and said "eh, maybe 20 grams?" A family member pointed out how times have changed from when she was first diagnosed and I was pre-measuring every morsel and pinpointing the exact brand of food to determine carbohydrates. I still don't like guessing, but I'll do it and I won't stress to hard about it.
  • I set my alarm for 2 AM every night and I don't sleep through it anymore. Most nights I'm up before it goes off. Alex will sleepily ask for her number and tell me she'll see me in the morning when we test.
  • It's not odd anymore to see needles or blood. I often forget that it IS odd for other people to see those things when we are out and about.
Nonetheless, it's hard to think about life without diabetes now. But...maybe not as hard as it was to imagine life WITH diabetes last December.


  1. Normaling. Yep. We get that too, everynight when I go to tuck in my girls, my oldest says "see you tomorrow mommy" and my Kortnie says "see you in a couple of hours mommy". I am finding that the 2am check doesn't make me as tired anymore, I can pretty much go right back to sleep, withouth laying in bed thinking about diabetes and stuff. (unless there are weird BG #'s) Kortnie used to wake up for every 2am check and insisited on poking her own finger, but she rarely wakes up now. And I guess carbs a lot more than I used to, Kork is even getting good at guessing and we are both starting to memorize a bunch of them. I was never a math whiz, and now I have all these numbers floating around my head all of the time.

  2. Math...I always disliked math! But you really can't escape it now, can you? ;-)