Thursday, September 13, 2012

Surgery Take Two

I didn't really want to go into detail but Alex had surgery about 2 weeks ago. It was minor outpatient surgery. Getting the approval from the insurance company however was a major not so fun ordeal. But after 3 months, we finally got it and into surgery she went. Without going into too much detail, Alex had a medical implant placed in her upper left arm to stop/delay puberty. She's been followed for precocious puberty for several years now. Things were starting to happen and blood sugars were getting wild and we just decided that she wasn't ready for what was happening. I'm not sure I'll ever be ready but I know she isn't ready yet. And given how short everyone is on both sides of the family, this gives her an opportunity to gain a couple inches too in height. I'm all for that especially given my 5 foot stature that means eating a little doughnut causes me to go up a pant size practically.

Anyway, the implant itself was a smooth process. The surgery was a little bumpy but thankfully not because of diabetes.

Her BGs were at or near target from bedtime all the way through the post-op. She had a surprise reaction to Demerol through the IV and ended up in hives and was given Benadryl. And 2 days after surgery, I ended up in the pediatrician's office with a fever spiking, coughing, high blood sugar child. She had pneumonia. But thankfully, after some Albuterol treatments and antibiotics, she was on the mend within days.

So now today we had a visit with the ENT because she has had countless ear infections since last December. She has had ear tubes in place since she was 6. And I knew what he was going to say before he said it...the tubes need to come out. So we'll be headed back to surgery in the next few weeks. I'm hoping diabetes plays nice again. I'm hoping she doesn't get pneumonia this time.

I'm a little anxious about the ear tubes. She has had ear tubes since she was 7 months old. We had about a 1 year break without ear tubes and in that year she developed "granulation pockets" otherwise known as benign cysts or the beginnings of cholesteatoma. That was rather crazy stressful. Still, we came out rather lucky in that experience because those "pockets" which is my favorite word for them didn't harden into the full blown tumor that has to be surgically removed. We managed to spend a lot of time at an allergist where Alex received weekly injections for 2 years and getting her tonsils and adenoids removed and new t-tubes for her ears in kindergarten with the thought being that the reverse pressure in her ears was caused by her bad allergies and that curing the allergies and fixing the pressure would reverse those yucky pockets. That worked. And she has had those t-tubes ever since.

Now we are taking those tubes out and we're going to give her ears some time to heal because there is a lot of scar tissue back there from those 4 sets of tubes she has had and the exploratory surgery she had when they discovered the "pockets". I hope those allergy shots paid off. I hope we don't get any new pockets to deal with. And I hope no more tubes are needed.

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