Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Son's Christmas Wish List

Sadly, neither one of my kids believe in Santa anymore. I suspected Ben hasn't believed for a while. Alex also didn't appear to believing much either and was hounding me almost daily with questions last year beginning in September. After much thought and discussion, I had a family talk with them individually in early November about Santa and the magic of Christmas. Ben just grinned and seemed uncomfortable. He's known for a while apparently. Alex knew but I think hearing it out loud made her a bit sad. I told them they were welcome to pretend to believe if they wanted to. And that the magic of the season lies in helping keep the spirit of Santa alive for everyone around us.

As it turned out, last Christmas wasn't all that magical for any of us. It officially ranks as Worst.Christmas.Ever. I hope we never top it either!

Now I know...why am I talking about Christmas in September? Well...I'm a planner. And I'm on a tight budget. Santa has has a tough year financially. So I asked my son to write up a wish list. I can think of a hundred items for Alex because she loves everything and anything. My son is a different story. He is 12. He is past most of the "toy stage" which makes me so sad :-( I refuse to buy him one pile of video games and call it done though. And heck, I don't even know what video games he likes. That whole boy/war game/battle/etc. all seems foreign to me. The names of the games don't stick long. I've tried playing them or watching him but it just isn't my thing. On the other hand I can name as many American Girl dolls as Alex. So anyway I need help with his wish list. So I asked him to write one. Here was his list.

I guess I wasn't the only one who ranks last year as Worst.Christmas.Ever.

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