Monday, August 27, 2012

Another gray hair to the head...

Whenever I see the nurse's name come up on caller ID, my adrenaline rushes a little bit more. If everything is going the way it is supposed to go, I don't hear from the nurse except through email. So when the phone rang this morning and I saw her name flash up, my heart skipped and I answered.

"Hello, Mom," says a small voice.

"What's the matter Alex?"

"You forgot to give me back my meter this morning," she says. I immediately think back and remember I had taken the meter home in my (failed) attempt to download the data (need a different cable).

"Alex, you have a backup meter in your backpack for the bus. Go get that one," I quickly think.

"I don't have that one either," she says. Now I am suspicious. I never remove that one from the bag. How could it be missing.

"Do you feel low or are you just testing for a snack?" I ask.

"I feel low," she says in a little voice. Now I start to panic a little.

"Alex, take a glucose tablet and get someone to find your backpack and look through it. The backup meter is in there. And I am pretty sure I re-packed the regular meter too. I'm on my way up to the school with your home meter just in case," I say.

I drive to the school attempting to keep it under the speed limit.

As I run into the health room without stopping to sign in, I don't see Alex. The nurse says she has a backup meter and Alex tested and was 211. Whew! Then she says Alex said neither meter were in fact in the backpack.

I walk to the other end of the building to Alex's classroom. I disrupt the class. I ask for her backpack. Inside a zipped compartment are TWO meters - the school meter and the backup meter. I hold them out to Alex and tell her the school meter will be in the health room for her next test. I re-clip the backup to the hook it is SUPPOSED to be on.

I go back to the health room and tell the nurse both meters are not lost and place one back in her drawer.

Kids...this is why my hair is turning more and more gray each passing day.

P.S. The sleepover was a success. Her numbers ranged from 115-266. I ended up leaving basal alone and changed her carb ratio for the evening to slightly higher. She texted me every number and I helped her decide on when to bolus and when to let it be (lots of swimming). She even texted at 2 AM when the parents woke her for that test. Just one thing...she is going to be TROUBLE with a cell phone. She texted me the entire night about everything and anything even after telling her to stop and go hang out with friends. Clearly we need some cell phone etiquette lessons to add to everything else.

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