Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Week of High Notes...Not High BGLs

I clearly remember when insulin pumping was first brought up to us. We were just out of the hospital and beginning to reach out to people in person and over the Internet. People urged us to look into pumping as soon as possible. I kind of tuned them out. I was so incredibly overwhelmed with the sheer acceptance and day to day management of the disease as it is taught at the hospital. I had no more energy left to even think about options. Just get us through the day! Sometimes it has been just get us through the hour.

Even as our confidence grew and we realized Alex was one of the few at events we attended not on a pump, I just couldn't bear to think about it.

I'm not sure when that changed or why. But somewhere around April, I started doing some research online and attending a few local events where local vendors were present to view pumps in person. Alex had a friend at school newly diagnosed in January who was getting a pump around that same time. She suddenly started asking me when she was getting a pump.

By mid-May, I was ready to initiate the process and with the approval of our endocrinologist, we moved forward with required pre-pumping classes and so forth. I had no idea how we would pay our portion of it, but we were going to make it happen.

Through all of it, I have read so many sites and stories of problems and complications that can happen. I've also talked to countless people warning me that starting on the pump can be extremely frustrating with numbers all over the place.

Today, in fact about exactly now as I blog, Alex has been pumping for 1 week. It has been the best week of our diabetes timeline. I don't think I realized just how much stress that syringe and vial gave us each time a meal or snack crept up on us. And there are quite a few meals and snacks each day! And no matter how much we tried, we would seem to have trouble with Lantus. Alex screamed that it burned. Some of it leaked out. We were constantly changing the amount because she has had some wicked highs. her A1C went up in the last 2 months. No matter what we've done it feels like we haven't been able to have more than maybe one target number a day. I was getting up twice a night to correct her from some crazy highs.

1 week into the pump and I'm seeing more and more numbers around target. Her night numbers are not soaring up to 300. We've changed her set 3 times since the insulin start. I totally expect and know there will be infusion set problems. But I thank my lucky stars she has not yet had set problems - it has bolstered our confidence so much! We needed that! I needed that! The site changes are not difficult or tedious. Alex is much more relaxed about getting them as opposed to the shots. It's so nice to hit a few numbers on a screen and deliver her insulin.

We did basal testing a few nights ago to study her nighttime highs and change some basal settings to help that. We've made a few changes and seen better numbers. Today we made a few more changes and I hope it keeps us moving in the right direction.

I wasn't sure how this was going to be, but so far, I'm super happy with insulin pumping. Alex is ecstatic. She doesn't even want to put the pump inside her clothing. She wears it proudly clipped outside her skirts or on her shirt. It's been an awesome week. I'll take week at a time...


  1. Just trying to catch up and....YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! I'm so happy to read this :) Of course, now it's a week old, but whatever! I hope things have continued to be awesome for you guys!

    We love the pump!!!!

  2. Thanks Wendy! Things are going a couple weeks in! Her numbers are so so much better overall. And set changes have been super easy on all of us. Things feel closer to normal than they ever had since diagnosis. We've avoided eating out or meeting friends out more than I like to admit since diagnosis because it was so hard and stressful. Needless to say, there has been a lot of going out lately!