Friday, July 13, 2012

A Not So Minor Detail

I think I've mentioned that I LOVE Alex's insulin pump! It's been a few weeks of joy. I did a lot of research on the dangers, the safety measures, the basal settings, etc. What I didn't to wear the darn thing! So poor Alex left her pump class with the thing clipped to her skirt - at least Animas provided a little metal clip!

Truthfully, she loved the clip - she has been so excited she has wanted to show her pump off to everyone and anyone. She proudly wears it visible a lot of the time.

We came home from the class and I realized I should probably look into some belts or accessories to wear the pump in addition to the clip. A few friends had already given me advice to purchase some items...not that I did...

When I looked up accessories, I was aghast at the prices. Average price for a cute belt in a cool tween print? $40!!! My domestic skills kicked in and I figured I could sew something for her cheaper than that! I grabbed out the sewing machine and went to work. Now, I'm NOT a skilled sewer. I like to think I am. But I'm not. I can hem pants (you really need to be able to do that when you are only 5 feet tall). I can sew curtains. I can sew American Girl doll skirts and dresses that make Alex smile (and don't cost $35 a pop at the "AG Store"). I figured how hard can a stretchy piece of fabric shaped like a tube be??? So, I sewed a belt. It wasn't horrible.

Mom's Homemade Belt
 But I think I need to make some serious improvements. It didn't seem to matter. She wanted to wear the clip anyway. The belt sat on her dresser.

Fast forward to last week. Alex mentioned the clip was "loose". I looked at it and agreed. I tried to tighten the screw. It didn't help. Within 2 days, it broke altogether.

It looks like it should go back together...but it doesn't.
Out came the homemade belt. That worked for a few days and got us through our California trip. But by the end of the trip, the belt wasn't holding as snugly on her waist. I think I need to examine my material choices and closures.

Now we were stuck with no clip and no belt. Poor Alex has been wearing the thing inside her underwear for 2 days. It doesn't stay in well. She doesn't have pockets on her clothes. Finally today she couldn't even manage to get it to stay in her underwear. It's now in a sock safety pinned to her top. She is NOT happy. A pinned pump inside a big sock is NOT cool! FYI...

"You're not putting this on Facebook, are you mom?" Nope....not Facebook...
Luckily, I realized yesterday this was an urgent problem. I called Animas about the broken clip. They agreed to overnight a clip to me which will arrive today. Yay for good customer service! Poor Alex can get rid of her safety pinned sock in a few hours. I also decided $40 wasn't so bad for a nice fitting belt. I made a purchase of two belts from a neat looking company online also recommended by a few friends. I'm sure Alex will agree they are WAY cooler than Mom's sock or falling apart belt.

Just to torment her though...I'm going to keep working on some better homemade belts. Because I'm mom...I'm supposed to do that.


  1. Kortnie prefers the clip most of the time, or inside the pocket of her jeans or capri's. We have a few belts, but HOLY EXPENSIVE BATMAN! I don't know how people can afford those things! The ones we have, are mostly because I've won them in giveaways. However, just over 2 years of pumping and I think we've gone through 4 or 5 clips. I now keep an extra on hand. You are supposed to change the battery cap and tube cap thingy every 6 months, so whenever I order new ones of those I order a clip too, and new screen protectors. Last time we were down in Mesa in July to see the Endo, her clip broke, but luckily right as we were leaving the endo office, the Animas rep walked in and our awesome DR scored us a new free clip and screen protector from her! When you are at the Step Out walk, be sure to go by the Animas reps table and see what kind of goodies you can score!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely check out the Animas table for the clips.