Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another shot of whiskey please...

Oh Animas Ping Pump & Meter...

I'm really loving your insulin pump for my daughter. We've only had it on for a few days and I can already tell it's making a huge difference in our lives.

What I don't love however is this whole food list item which you so emphasized when you sold us on the wireless meter that comes with the pump. Who created this application? Have they ever actually had to use it? Because between it and the software for my laptop, I'm ready to have a few shots of whiskey or something...and I don't drink.
  • I can plug in the meter with the provided cable. Yet, once I upload food to the database, I'm DONE! I mean DONE! I have to completely exit the program and re-enter the program if I even want to THINK about uploading the file again. Why won't it detect the meter and KEEP detecting the meter without making me exit and restart the program?
  • You provide these great categories for food items and I CANNOT delete or edit or add food items to it except in one category...favorites. That stinks. Your default food list doesn't help me. My daughter doesn't eat baby food. Why can't I delete it? Why can't I create new categories, like restaurants which is where I really see this food list as helpful??? Yes, I can go in and add items from the master Food DB you provide, but this isn't always the way I want it to be. I am so frustrated that I can't create or edit or delete categories. If I hand this meter to a babysitter and explain the food list, they won't be able to go to Soups & Sauce and find my spaghetti sauce if I enter it...only favorited items. The only thing that makes sense to me at this point in a twisted sort of way is to delete ALL food items and just have everything reside in Favorites. Too bad I will have a ton of empty categories...
  • Adding custom food items...why can't I add custom food items to ANY category??? Why can I only add my own items to FAVORITES? Again, now I have a ton of empty food categories that leave a babysitter for example scratching their head if they were to search for say Alex's favorite cookies under snacks but can't find them there...yes it is her favorite cookie...BUT...they have to scroll for like a ZILLION years to the cookie in question because of so many items having to be in favorites.
  • Character length...I have to learn a different shorthand lingo for some items to get them to fit under the maximum length for the food item name, especially for restaurant items where I have to come up with a shorthand restaurant name and then shorthand food item name. Indeed, the babysitter will think I drank whiskey when creating this food list.
  • If this program asks me if I'm sure I want to open a food list file one more time, I'm going to scream. I don't know why it needs to warn me that I'll lose the empty food file when I open a real food file from my files. Really? Thanks!
  • Do I really need to enter the protein and fat content of each food item I create? I can see where this might be useful...don't get me wrong. But what if I only wanted to track carbs and fiber? That's all the is required for insulin dosing. Since I only have a written file of Alex's favorite foods by carbs and fiber, I am now spending tons of time researching protein and fats in each item just to be able to enter it. Couldn't that be optional?
  • Why can't I edit custom food items I create? I only can delete them and create them ALL OVER AGAIN. For example, I started creating a list for Chick-Fil-A. I realized I couldn't start each item with ChickFilA because of that max character thing. I then wanted to edit the food name and I couldn't. I had to delete all of them and recreate them as new items with new names. And then go search for their nutrition counts...again. Ugh!
Okay that's enough venting about the food list for now...truly I love your pump so far and I supposed it is the most important item. The food list was an added convenience. But since that seems to be one of the first things someone shows me when we discuss selecting a pump at a diabetes event, I was deflated when trying to use this program successfully. I've spent most of my weekend trying to arrange it to make it useful. I'm not even close to calling it done. If I don't take breaks from this program, I go you can tell from this post.

P.S. At 3 AM...I wish that meter light would come on more quickly. You have to hold down the OK button for what seems like a long time to get that thing to light up. My previous meter which I loved came on in a second and the strip itself could be lit up...very nice at 3 AM when I am completely out of it and exhausted...

P.P.S. Sure would be nice to be able to make this a web-based application I can use from my iPad or iPhone...


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  2. I wish the ping remote would light up the test strip too! Like the freestyle one did, maybe the next generation of ping's.....