Friday, June 8, 2012

It indeed gets better...

Well, it's finally upon us!

Alex drew this the other evening and left it on my desk. I erased her friend's name for privacy purposes but suffice it to say she is eagerly awaiting spending the week with a new T1 friend she has met through a local support group (and whose mom happens to be a huge inspiration to me!)
When diabetes camp was first suggested, it seemed like such a long way away...and I didn't know how I would let my baby go. We were 6 weeks into diabetes and this image was forever burned into my skull...
    Diagnosis Day: 12-20-11
  • Her A1C was still over 11.
  • She had mono.
  • She was kicking, screaming and running away from us for all blood tests and shots.
  • She would demand we wake her up at 2 AM when we came in to test her and she would sit up and cry and yell during it.
  • She was making it to school about 1 day a week.
  • She was pale and complained often of joint pains and fatigue.
5 months later, and about 6 months since diagnosis:
    Tug of War Games with Friends - May 2012
  • A1C coming down, down, down...
  • She has good skin color and tone again thanks too from all her outdoor activity and swimming.
  • She has gained back all the weight (18 pounds) she lost at diagnosis (and then some).
  • She does all of her own blood glucose testing except the 2 AM check.
  • At the 2 AM check, she never even opens an eye or gives any indication she is remotely awake. I NEVER thought I'd see the day!
  • She draws some of her shots and never fights us when it is shot time.
  • She is eagerly awaiting her insulin pump start (set for June 26th) and smiled and laughed after having the infusion set inserted during her pre-pump class.
  • She completed the school year with straight As (except for spelling - I'm just not counting that one!) and an easy promotion to 4th grade despite missing an excessive amount of school between January - March.
  • Her foot pain is completely gone (hopefully to stay) and she actually gave karate a try this week without pain after the class!
So thanks to everyone who has encouraged us and motivated us and continues to do so on our up and down days. You are does get better. We will make it through this.


  1. Yay! I'm glad things are looking up for you all. Hope she has a great week at camp!

  2. Awwww...this brought a tear to my eye!!!!! I'm so happy our girls have found each other :) I keep thinking about all the fun they must be having at camp...sigh...such sweet, sweet girls :)

    I love that fact, I'm going to add it to the post I just published this morning!!!!!

  3. PS...check out K's mama's blog :)

  4. Ah, Wendy sent me over after she read my post about dropping Kortnie off and meeting with A and Sugar. I know our girls are having so much fun but I am counting down the hours until I go pick Korky up! I love the picture she drew!