Friday, April 13, 2012

Just Keep Swimming...

One constant we have heard from other Type 1 parents has been about swimming. Thankfully because even the most calm drama-free parents I have encountered have driven home the point about swimming lows, I knew this was going to be something we needed to be proactive about.

Yesterday, Alex went swimming for the first time since diagnosis. She has been running super high the last 2 weeks - numbers in the mid 300s around lunchtime. We've been changing up ratios and everything else in our attempts to combat the highs. At the same time, she has been banned from running and jumping and PE class and karate for the next month because she was recently diagnosed with Sever's Disease in her left foot. So exercise hasn't happened a whole lot to help the high issue.

We decided to go for a swim at my parent's RV resort yesterday before dinner. Alex was SO excited. I decided not to swim but sit on the sidelines and be a very observant mom. I tested her before she dove in and the number was 209. I decided not to give a snack because she was high. She swam for an hour and it was some serious swimming. My kids LOVE the water. They were all over the pool having an awesome time. I watched them and asked Alex to give me a thumbs up a few times and reminded her quietly to try to remember to stop if she felt like she was getting low or extra tired in the water.

After exactly one hour in the pool time was up for kids (age restricted resort pool hours for children in force as my parents are in Sun City). Alex came out of the pool and I retested her. She was 105 - dropping almost 100 points in an hour - wow! Good thing she was high I guess to start with! I had this feeling she was continuing to drop though. I don't know how to explain it but I could just see it. Her grandfather was back at the RV preparing a big dinner that was going to be ready as soon as we could hop in the car and head 2 streets to the RV. When we got there just a few minutes later, she was 90.

We worked quickly to get her plate ready. She was about to eat a 115g dinner. This is where me being new to this wasn't sure of the exact right things to do. Based on the meal she should receive 6 units of insulin. She's been running super high outside this swimming event. I decided to let her eat without the insulin and then administer it about halfway though.

I tested her about 20 minutes after eating and she was 117. She was hungry so I gave her 5g of pretzels.

We went home and the kids showered. About an hour passed and I caught Alex over at the sink washing her hands (I was on the phone). She had grabbed her kit and told me she was low and was needing me to test her. That's not normal Alex - she usually resists testing. She was 81. I gave her a 15g pudding.

At bedtime, she was 143. Her overnight target is 180. I decided to let her go to sleep without a snack because I figured she'd come up some - she usually does. I tested her an hour later when I went to bed and she was 114. At that point I got an apple juice box. She was really out of it and not willing to drink the juice. That's not like her and I could tell even though she was talking and such she was not awake at all. She was yelling and not wanting to sit up. I was trying to shake her awake and she kept falling back on the bed. I finally got the juice in her and I went to sleep for a bit. I set my alarm for 1:30 AM.

When I woke up and tested her, she was 80. I grabbed 2 peeps because I was hoping not to repeat the juice episode. She was more alert and ate them quickly. I waited the 15 minutes. 83. I grabbed one more peep and half a pack of gummy bears. I waited 15 minutes. 100. I then decided since she wasn't low and was coming up, I didn't want to overdo it and send her in the 250s in the morning. I went back to bed about 3:30 AM because she was alert and seemed better to me. When we got up at 6 AM, she was number for bedtime!

I guess the bottom line is I better be really alert when she swims. We have a pool and there will be a lot of swimming this summer! Snacks before and after will be a must now that I know especially if she isn't high to start with. On the positive side, it's a great activity for her and doesn't put any pressure on her foot. I just think it will be one of those things though that will always cause me anxiety.

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