Thursday, March 15, 2012

When life gives you lemons...

My daughter and I are known by some as some crafty type people. Having that crafty gene has made me save her test strip containers pretty much since she was diagnosed. A type 1 diabetic kid goes through ALOT of containers. Now that I have a big jug of them, I'm starting to think of things to do with them. I am obviously not alone in this thought process because a quick google search provided me a wealth of starting points for ideas. I searched for both test strip canister crafts and film canister crafts.

Please note that if I posted your craft here, it's because I totally admire you're craftiness. I made sure to link back to you and give you full credit. If you wish for me to remove your link or I screwed up your link, let me know. I'm new to this blogging thing!

Also, I read in several places that you should not put food in these containers due to the chemicals involved for test strip preservation. There were a few sites that gave some clever ideas for using these containers with food but I think I'll steer clear of that one just to be cautious. We've had enough bad luck this past year! Regardless of the use, you should wash these thoroughly with soap and water before re-using.

Tooth Fairy Containers
I'm obviously not that clever when it comes to coming up with blog ideas. I found many great ideas for containers from other Diabetes families out there! This one would be a great craft for Alex to make and sell when she does her little lemonade stands and craft stands a few times a year.

From the D-Tales Blog
Canister Key Chains
This one was clever! I could see this being a handy key chain to store little items like band aids, coins, mini pencil/paper, etc.

From Lomography Web Site

Who doesn't like rockets? I could totally see my kids going for this one. I'm not sure if you'd have to modify the canister to be able to remove the lid completely.

From Creative Kids at Home
Pin Cushion
Cute idea for sewers and crafters! Store extra pins inside the container.

From Curating Cuteness

Bobbin Organizer
Another neat one for sewers!
From Bored and Crafty

First Aid Kits
This one seems to be really popular and there are various ideas to make a simple first aid kit. Make it into a necklace. Make the one below to hook to a backpack to store basic first aid items. You can never have enough band aids, right?

From the Making Friends Web Site

From Family Crafts at
Finger Puppets
This one could be fun for little kids especially!

From Family Crafts at
Desk Organizer
This one is something I'd have never come up with on my own!

From Crayola
Water Bottle Boat
This one would win some recycling awards!

Mini Music Makers
This is another fun one for little kids or a neat camp project.


Christmas Lights
Not sure how doable this one is because the instructions call for clear canisters. Since ours are white, I don't think it would work but it is quite a clever idea nonetheless and perhaps something could be expanded upon to make it work in some way with non-clear containers? At any rate, it was such a neat thing, I couldn't help but post it.

From Photojojo Web Site

So do you have any other cool ideas for me for all this medical leftover stuff? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Very cute ideas! Thanks for sharing. I USED to be crafty. Now I just wish that I had time to be!! Make sure to post pictures of your crafts when you decide which way your craft takes you :)