Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's all a numbers game...and I hate numbers!

Where did all our good numbers go? I am so frustrated right now because I am so sick of having to change Alex's ratios and ISF and not understanding why none of it seems to matter.

Alex has two days last week where she dropped down to 50 about an hour after eating lunch at school. We happened to her 3 month check up last week the day after that second low. After reviewing her logs, the endocrinologist explained that she felt we needed to tweak her ISF calculation. I'm not going to try to explain it because even though it made sense to me, I still can't easily explain this whole math game to people on my own. Anyway, we changed it and increased her Lantus by a half unit as well.

Fast forward a week. I hadn't seen one number at or below her target of 150 since that appointment. Most evenings she was hovering around 350 and during the day right around 220. Have I mentioned that my moody child is about three times as moody when she is anywhere over 250? Coincide that with spring break and just kill me now, okay?

She also ended up with moderate ketones and she just seemed "dry" toward the end of the week. Most times when giving an injection, the site would leak. I think it was because she was slightly dehydrated but she was majorly uncooperative too and that included drinking more water. I called the doctor's office on Thursday pleading for advice to get those numbers back to the pretty low 100s we'd seen for a few weeks outside a few lows and a few bedtime highs around 200 (I'd take that 200 back right now).

The nurse changed her carb ratio and increased the lantus as of last Friday and told me to give it a few days to see what that did and then call back if it's not coming down enough and they will change the ISF back down again. Well, it's been a few days and while I've seen a few numbers under 200 again, most are staying up still with the exception of that after lunch period where she did have a 158 yesterday.

So, I'm sure I'll be making some changes again to this whole numbers game...again! Have I told anyone lately how much I hate math and numbers? I guess those math teachers were right in grade school when they told me I'd use fractions and ratios some day. I didn't believe them back then...oops!

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