Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random Thoughts and Updates

Okay so I managed to finally get prescriptions straightened out thanks to an on the ball doctor's office and no thanks to my insurance company or the pharmacy for that matter. My endocrinologist rewrote the insulin prescription to allow for 2 vials needed per month. I can't pick up the second vial until after Feb 11th thanks to picking one up early this week though. Thankfully my vial in the fridge is good until 2/15. At least we seem to have what is needed though.

Blood Glucose MetersSo we seem to finally be past the days of struggling with getting Alex's blood for testing. I attribute this to more experience but also a new meter. We left the hospital with two OneTouch Mini Meters. There is lots of good feedback out there about this meter but I can't say I am in agreement with it. I was urged by someone close to try a meter they have familiarity with - the Freestyle Lite. I went online and did comparisons. The OneTouch takes 1.0 units of blood to read. The Freestyle Lite takes 0.3 units to read. That was enough comparison for me. We tried out the Freestyle and I was impressed that we no longer had to keep squeezing and milking poor Alex's fingers to get enough blood on the stupid strip. In fact it takes so little blood I was skeptical. I compared readings because we had enough blood...they were almost identical. On top of that they have this Promise program. Instead of paying $40 per month which is my standard copay I only have to pay $10 a month thanks to signing up for free as a Promise member. Finally, I downloaded their free software and I'm starting to use it to log all of the numbers and since I love computers, this is a good thing! Win all around for finding something that works 5 weeks into this...

Summer Camp
Registration opened yesterday and I signed Alex up and put down our $50 deposit. I think she will have an awesome time! She met an 11 year old that was diagnosed in September through friends at her brother's ice skating rink. They seemed to hit it off and they are both planning to go to the camp. I'm hoping everything goes smoothly with getting confirmed for camp. Alex wants to help out in paying for camp. We've started making these Pom Pom Monster friends and selling them for $5 each - she is keeping $2.50 and putting $2.50 in a jar to pay for camp. I think it empowers her to do something about her diabetes. I am sure this is only the beginning of that. I'm sure we'll be doing the normal walk things and volunteering and donating to the larger foundations. But for now, paying for camp is the priority. This child needs to go!

IllnessHow many illnesses can one kid get in the span of 6 weeks? Alex got diabetes. Then she got an ear and sinus infection. Then she complained of joint pain first in her foot and then under her arms. Then she got another really bad ear infection. Now she is home *again* - congested, swollen throat and the usual cold stuff. She literally finished her antibiotic yesterday morning and was sick by dinner time. She hasn't attended a full week of school since before Christmas. She's always been the kid who rarely missed school. She is sick of being sick. I'm sick of her being sick. We are single handedly keeping her pediatrician in business! They ran a ton of blood work 2 weeks ago. Most everything came back in the normal range with the exception of her A1C (11.6%) and lymphocytes at 48% (normal range stops at 45%). The pediatrician didn't seem concerned since that number can be effected by infections and she has been sick almost non-stop. So I don't know why she continues to look pale, get sick constantly, and complain of muscle aches periodically. But enough already!

Next week she has a follow up on her ear with the pediatrician on Thursday and her 6 week follow up with the endocrinologist - I can't believe we've gone through 6 weeks since she was's flown makes me sad though when I sift through photos of Alex before this all happened. I don't know why other than I think about that was when she was healthy and life wasn't filled with insulin shots, blood tests, and carb counting on a daily basis.

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