Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm not crazy...

Okay well maybe that is stretching it but at any rate, I feel a little less crazy today.

Today we had a follow up appointment with the pediatrician. I have no idea which follow up this one is because we've had a "follow up" every week since the first of the year in the hopes that we'll stop having follow ups because Alex will stop having ear infections, sinus infections, joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue and so on. I think she is on round 4 or 5 of antibiotics. I've lost count now.

The pediatrician has run lots of blood work and the only thing up until today that came back out of the normal range was her A1C and lymphocytes. But today we found out that Alex indeed tested positive for a recent infection of EBV/mono. We hadn't tested for it before and the current monospot came up negative so they ran the full EBV panel and based on the antibody numbers, she most likely had mono about 4 weeks ago. This blood test was run last Thursday and she was starting to feel better and for the last week (fingers crossed), she has almost seemed...gulp...normal. And, her blood sugars have been more often in target range than not. That's a completely new thing.

I'm not happy she had mono but I'm happy we have a label for her looking and feeling sick for most of the time since she was discharged from the hospital. I was beginning to wonder if we were mentally damaging her or something and making her feel sick or something. Or, perhaps she was so stressed out she was getting aches and pains because of stress and anxiety. But now I think and hope we can chalk it up to the kid having mono. I'm not crazy...she really was sick and it really was something beyond diabetes. Let's hope she is on the mend and not going to pick up yet another something out there.

And...for the first time...we have no scheduled follow up at the pediatrician's office. That's a $25 copay a week I'd like to save from spending for a while!

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  1. This is awesome. I mean, you know. Awesome in the sense that YOU ARE NOT CRAZY WOMAN!!!!!!

    I really hope she's feeling better. Things are looking up, now. UP UP UP!

    It's all going to be okay. Proud of you and how hard your working to take this new world and make it normal.

    Keep up the great work!