Monday, February 13, 2012

Bright Spots

I've posted quite a bit of negative and dramatic pieces of our new journey. Today I'm posting some positive happy things...
  1. Alex started doing HER OWN blood tests! This is huge for her and for us! Yesterday, we were driving to her Girl Scout cookie booth sale and she was going to eat lunch in the car on the way because we were pressed for time. I handed her the meter and told her to set it up and think about doing it herself. Lo and behold after about 10 minutes she said, "I did it mom!". And sure enough, there was blood. Who knew there would be a day I would be happy to see my child's blood? Anyway, she has been doing her own tests (except in the middle of the night) and with success each time. She is so proud of herself. We are proud of her too.
  2. Alex had her 6-week check up on Friday. Her A1C at diagnosis was 12%. On Friday it was 9.1%. It needs to go down some more but the fact that we are headed in the right direction and in 6 weeks time, makes all of us feel like we are doing a decent job managing diabetes.
  3. Alex managed to sleep through last night's blood test in the middle of the night. She always asks us to wake her first and we comply with that because it's her body after all. She usually sits up and we do the test and possible correction shot and back to bed she goes. I so wish she would just sleep through it like most kids I hear about do after a while. Well, last night I tried and tried to wake her and she was completely asleep and rolled over when I tried. I tested her and she barely acknowledged I was there. She was on target and back to bed I went.
  4. I managed to make a homemade Asian dish Friday night and was very challenged on how to figure the carbs! But after much calculation, I did it and even better she liked it! That was my other fear - making this new dish and then giving her a shot and her not liking it or wanting to eat it all. It went well and the kids asked me to make it again soon. I've steered away from making anything not easily pre-portioned or with more than a few ingredients. It takes me so much more time right now as I learn to calculate and portion it out. But I'm getting there...
  5. We went to a restaurant last night to celebrate Alex's grandmother's birthday. We did her test and shot without anyone obviously noticing us. We calculate carbs in her meal by pre-printing the nutrition guide from the web site. We successfully asked the waiter to measure out her milk for us and bring a to go box to put half her meal in the box when the meal arrive since if she had eaten the entire kid's meal at the table, it would have been about 120 carbs! She didn't want it all anyway ;-)
Anyway, it's the little things that we cling to and take with us and try to remember when we're all feeling frustrated and beaten down over the d-word...

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