Thursday, January 26, 2012

You can't catch diabetes from my daughter...

Today I'm sad. I'm trying to step in someone else's shoes and understand. But, I'm still sad. My daughter lost her "buddy" at school this week. Her teacher had her select a buddy when she came back to school. The buddy walks her to the restroom and to the health room. On average, Alex visits the health room 3 times per day...before lunch, before recess, and before she gets on the bus. She is not allowed to walk alone.

Alex was excited to pick her "BFF" to be her buddy. Things were going swimmingly. She and her BFF even became phone pals and were chatting it up in the evening a few nights. But Alex's buddy came to school a few days ago and told the teacher her parents said she couldn't be Alex's buddy anymore. Her parents said she was missing too much class time. And, she also told Alex she couldn't talk on the phone anymore. Her phone has "issues" and she can't use it.

I don't really get the phone thing. I'm trying to get the buddy thing. Maybe I might have expressed concerns if my daughter was a buddy and leaving the classroom each day a few times a day. Maybe I would have worried about her being in the health room so much and picking up germs. I get that. But I don't get that she was only her buddy for 2 weeks and half that time Alex wasn't in school. So did you really give it a chance mom and dad? Could you have requested the buddy duty be shared between a few kids so it wasn't on your kid every day? I could totally understand that! Could you have seen your daughter being a buddy as a learning experience in itself?

I don't know. Again, a few weeks ago, I might have been them and been concerned about class time, the health room germs and just the responsibility of it. But I'd like to think I would have given it more time than a week. And I don't get the phone thing. Because that makes me question if there is more to the story of not being buddies. I'd like to think not but still...I can't help but wonder.


  1. Oh, we have been there!! (I'm with you on the phone thing??) But I can empathize with the other parent for not wanting their child to miss class or visit the health room so often. I AM ALSO THAT PARENT! I don't want my child leaving class that many times a day. I don't want my child going into the health room filled with sick kids and who knows what kind of germs! Too bad we don't have a choice, huh!?

    When Ally was in first and second grade, they would rotate friends so that none of them went more than one time per day. They would also wait outside the clinic so that they would hopefully avoid any germs (and not distract Ally from quickly getting the task at hand accomplished.) Now, in third grade, she only takes a buddy if she is feeling low or her pump is alarming low. (Our CGM does help me to be ok with that.)

    Good luck, I hope you will find a compromise for your sweetie.

  2. Thanks! I totally do get it as far as not wanting to have your child go to the healthroom that much if it is a choice. I really do. But I don't think it's a lot of class time. Once before lunch, once before recess, and once before the bus. All those times they are not in the middle of classwork but rather packing up to go somewhere else. At the same time, I have another kid with asthma and would not want him in the healthroom all the time exposed to germs so I get it. But it still bugs me the way it was handled and just that at the same time this buddy decided she couldn't call my daughter anymore to talk on the phone and told her she didn't want to be her friend when they were on the playground. It's kind of strange to me. It's okay to not be her buddy. But why decide you can't be friends too? At any rate, I'm over it. Alex seems okay with it. I most definitely agree it makes more sense to rotate buddies and I'm suggesting that to the teacher!