Monday, January 30, 2012

Prescription Chaos

Help me out here because I am going to seriously go find a punching bag if I can't get this whole prescription refill debacle solved...

Alex needs her prescriptions filled:
  • Novolog
  • Lantus
  • Syringes
  • Test Strips
  • Lancets
  • Ketostix
First, I tried to fill them at Walgreens. I needed to transfer all but test strips/lancets from the Phoenix Children's Pharmacy (we filled at the hospital on the way out). I needed to request new scripts for test strips and lancets because we switched to a new brand glucose meter.

Since this is going to be a monthly occurrence, I thought I would make my life easier and set up online accounts to handle it all and swing through the drive through at Walgreens once a month. Boy was I wrong!

I spent like 20 minutes setting up a pharmacy account and entering in all the transfer numbers and so forth. I got my handy little email confirmation from Walgreens saying it would be ready the next day at 10 AM. The next day I didn't hear anything. I ASSumed that they were taking longer because my doctor's office said it could take up to 3 days to fulfill a request for new prescriptions. So I waited 3 days. I called Walgreens. The pharmacist was about as rude as he could be. He said I must have sent my request to mail order and he had nothing on his computer for me. I asked him if he could help me resolve it. He told me to call mail order and dismissed me.

I called Walgreens customer service. The agent was pleasant but reiterated somehow I screwed up. I must have sent it to mail order. I explained I was staring at the screen online showing my order number and the store address of pickup. She called mail order anyway. Lo and behold they had nothing for me too. She called another Walgreens store where I have picked up past prescriptions because maybe I sent it somewhere else. Nope. They had no record of it. She had no record of it. But I was holding a printed receipt with proof I ordered it. And really I didn't care that there was a mistake. I just wanted it fixed and set up so I could do this monthly without it being a hassle. She told me it could take 24 hours to fix my account and she would sent in the request but I should just resubmit the order online and it would go through.

I spent another 20 minutes entering all the information AGAIN. I got my printed receipt. I logged off the site. I re logged on and there was NO ORDER. Now I was ticked. I wasted 4 days on this and they treated me like I was an idiot. Nope, there programmer is an idiot! Did I mention I am in fact a computer tech support and programmer person? I do understand how to use an online form. I have two printed email confirmations showing I did what their stupid system says I did.

At that point I was done with Walgreens. They can kiss my used insulin syringes. I then grabbed my paper scripts and went to CVS. The pharmacy tech started to give me a hard time about not having scripts for the new test strips and lancets as I tried to explain my doctor wanted THEM to fax my request to approve. He then seemed perplexed by my transfer scripts from PCH. At that point I started to cry. All I want to do it get the damn medicine to keep my kid alive, okay??? Can someone please let me pay hundreds of dollars so I can do that? PLEASE? The pharmacist came over. She told the tech she'd take care of it. She was very nice.

So fast forward to this morning when I went to pick up the medication. I arrived and a different tech went to give me one vial of novolog. I explained I need TWO vials - one for home and one for school. It's written that way on their label. He said he can only give me one vial because that is a 30 day supply. If i want 2 vials I have to pay out of pocket for the second one at a cost of $140. I told him this doesn't make sense. I have a 9 year old. She can't carry a vial to school every day. She has to have it every day at school. Medically, she needs two vials and the doctor wrote she needed 2 vials. On THEIR label is says one for school and one for home. He still only gave me one vial.

I called my insurance and they too said I needed to pay out of pocket for a second vial. A 30 day supply covers one vial because she doesn't use more than 33 units per day. I told them that they should make smaller vials then because medically she has to have a vial at school and at home and if they can't make smaller vials then she needs 2 vials. Medically. Period. She told me to call my "benefits coordinator" to change my plan then. I asked who that was. She told me it was the HR rep at my husband's company. Sure lady - I'm going to call my husband's company and tell them to just change their health plan. That will fix everything. Because as soon as they fire him for having his wack wife call to change the company's health coverage because their daughter is costing their company plan a gazillion dollars and raising everyone's rates, that will fix EVERYTHING.

She put me on hold after that. Then she came back and told me I had to pay for the second vial. I told her that my daughter can't be the only kid who ever needed a 2nd vial of insulin for school. So surely there is SOME OTHER option here. She told me to have my doctor call a precertification number to request more insulin needed each month. isn't that what the damn thing on the label already says? But whatever...I called my doctor's office. I left a message telling them to call that number and request more insulin every 30 days.

In the mean time, it's a good thing her insulin doesn't expire for another week. I have one more week to get this resolved before I guess I pay $140 out of pocket for a second bottle of insulin...yeah right after I pay off the $6000 hospital bill and the $700 for diabetes camp I guess. I shouldn't be complaining though too much...there was a time we were uninsured so thank God we have it right now. That's something I suppose. Though if you are a healthy family...make a mental note...check the box for the plan with the best coverage even if it costs you an extra $150 a never know when you won't be healthy...and the cheap plan sucks when you end up in a hospital for an extended stay. 70/30 plans suck for that purpose.

So anyway if you got through all this and you have some experience with any of this, some advice is well needed. If you don't pump (which everyone seems to do) what do you do for school and home for insulin? Help!

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