Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's probably nothing but...

So today hasn't exactly gone as I planned but then again, there haven't been many of those kind of days in the past few weeks either. Um, in fact no day has gone has planned yet since December 20th.

Alex came home from school yesterday complaining her left foot hurt alot. I asked her if she hurt it at school and she said no. I read the note from the nurse noting she had her blood tested 5 times at school. At 11:30 AM she had her blood tested because "friends said she was falling, teacher worried". That's what the note said. Her BGL was 260. No low. In fact, she has run rather high for a few days, going to bed 2 nights ago at 324.

I have always been one to play down my kid's aches and pains. A month ago, I would have told her to get over it and move on. I asked Alex if she was up for karate and she said yes. So I figured it couldn't hurt that bad! Off we went to karate. She fell a lot during class. I caught her hopping on her right foot a lot. Not that she would tell her teacher she wanted to stop because her foot hurt. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it all.

That evening she complained more and more about the foot and was obviously limping  about an hour before bed. I examined her foot more closely and I could see it was red and tender and warm to the touch just above her big toe. She said it hurt to touch it or to walk on it. I thought to myself that I was glad we had a 9AM appointment with her pediatrician in the morning so I could mention it. At bedtime, her BGL was 311, which seemed odd to me based on that fact that she ate at 5:30 PM and it was a fairly lower carb meal. I tested her urine and it showed trace ketones. But I am not supposed to worry about trace, right?

I heard Alex coughing occasionally throughout the night. And just like 3 weeks ago, I had to be up and out of the house at 5 AM for my son's skating practice. I left Alex sleeping at home with her dad and wondered what the day was going to hold for us.

After dropping Ben off at school, I went to pick Alex up for the doctor appointment. She said her foot still hurt but it wasn't red or warm anymore. I could see that it was slightly discolored and perhaps a little tender to the touch. Her BGL this morning was 140 and still some trace ketones showing up. She isn't coughing but she does seem a touch congested. I made her drink lots of water (which would have been way easier to do a month ago when she was drinking gallons of water).

The pediatrician looked at her foot and decided to send her out for an x-ray but he didn't seem overly worried. He did tell me to keep her out of school. So I am trying not to be worried either. So I guess we'll see what the radiologist says! But right now, I'm not caring if I come across as a paranoid freak...better safe than sorry!


  1. Update: Her X-Ray was negative. Yay for that! I was ready to write whatever it is off on a bruise that she doesn't remember getting at recess or something but then last night after her bath it got red and slightly puffy again. So I still don't know what the deal is but I'll just keep an eye on it and hopefully it will go away soon.

  2. Hmmmm....should have read this before our phone call!

    Too crazy :)