Saturday, January 7, 2012

If this is the honeymoon, I want an annulment...

A little over a week ago, the endocrinologist became hammering home some points about low blood sugars. My eyes glazed over because I was already on information overload. (Giving a diabetic child to an ADD mom is cruel and unusual punishment but that's another blog.) We were still in the mid 200s for most checks. Lows seemed scary and we weren't there so baby steps...

Well a few days ago, Alex got her first "low". It was day 2 in her return to karate class and we went to test her blood before running out the door. 79...put the keys down and grab a cup of pudding. Alex was tickled pink that no shot was required for her favorite 13 gram sugar free pudding. Wait 15 minutes and check again...106...grab the keys and drive to the dojo! I tried to hide my fear and smile and agree with Alex about having her cool free pudding. I calmly (or not so calmly) told her to let me know if she started to feel dizzy or shaky during class. About 15 minutes into class she came up to me and whispered she wasn't sure if she was dizzy. We went to the bathroom and pulled out the meter I love so much. I should have read the directions when we got it...because in my fumbling I must have hit some setting that put it into clock settings. It took us a while to get the thing to return to the blood taking screen. 145.'re just not use to exercise anymore...and back out she went.

The next morning she work up at 106. And her numbers remained in the low 100s most of the day. We went to the mall to buy a medical bracelet (another debacle) and we noticed when we returned to the car that Alex was moody and she slammed the car door because no one "would help me keep it open". I was in a hurry to get my son to his skating lesson. We raced back to the house and picked up my son and a bag of snacks. Alex wanted some pudding. I told her I would grab some and we could test her at the ice rink and give her a shot if needed if she wanted some that bad since she can't have anything over 5 carbs without a shot. I laced my son's skates and sent him to the ice. We tested Alex's pudding for you! Alex exclaimed she loved honeymoons if it meant free treats and no shots. But me? I don't like the roller coaster thus far.

Yesterday was day 3 of the lows. And I was presented with a new scenario that I probably ignored in Alex's last few appointments. She woke up at 71. She said that must be why she felt so shaky and she also was hungry. I had cooked her breakfast and it was sitting there hot and ready to eat. And I had no idea what to do. Did I subtract 15 carbs from the breakfast and give her a shot based on that number? Did I give her a 15 carb snack, wait 15 minutes and then correct? Did I just give her a 15 carb breakfast (no fruit loops for you!). There was nothing in my diabetes binder that said what to do with a low number at a meal. I figured a call to the doctor was in order but they weren't going to call me back in time to make a decision now. So I told her to eat with no shot and we would retest in 15 minutes. 15 minutes later it was 310. Shit! Did I make a bad decision? I corrected for the 310. I tested an hour later and it was 145. At lunch, I tested her and we were at 71 again. I called the doctor and told Alex to eat. While waiting for the doctor to call me back I made a call to a cousin in Maryland who happens to be a type 1 diabetic and has about 38 years experience with this disease. Her suggestion was to half her food correction dose to 2 units from the 4 it would have been. While talking to her my endocrinologist called back (they are fast and I was impressed since this was our first call since leaving the hospital). They also said half it to 2 units and changed her carb ratio and lantus units at night. Good call cousin!

The thing is after we did all that Alex was on a roller coaster all evening and went to bed at 299. Her moods were all over the place. I particularly loved the screaming fit over sending her to her room for saying "damn" when frustrated over some craft she was doing. "You're the meanest mommy in the whole world!"; "I hate you!". It is SO HARD to figure out what is 9 year tween drama and what is blood sugar roller coaster moodiness. But I tested her after she screamed she hated me (boy did she hate me then) and she was 145...on target...okay she really meant that I was mean...

So maybe we shouldn't have backed off the carb ratio and lantus? But...she woke up today at maybe it was a good thing. All I know is if this is a honeymoon, I seriously want an annulment!

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