Friday, January 13, 2012

I am seriously losing it!

So remember that pesky foot? Well, it's really ticking me off at this point. You see, I was ready to write it off as a bruise that Alex just doesn't remember getting. Her awesome doctor called me yesterday mid-morning just to check on her. I explained she was at school and still complaining the foot hurt. But other than that, all was well. No fever. No sore throat or headache or anything else to signify some sort of illness coming on. He told me to keep and eye on it and come back in if it wasn't better over the weekend or got worse.

Fast forward to 3 PM. I picked the kids up from the bus and Alex was limping home. She said her foot hurt worse. She was pretty cranky and blew up at me for telling her we had to go to the ice rink for her brother's lesson. We finally managed to get in the car and she cried most of the way to the ice rink that I wasn't fair. She just wanted to stay home. At the rink, I propped her foot up and used a heating pad on it which she said helped. She looked pale and just not as perky as she has looked since coming home from the hospital. She said her stomach hurt. I checked her blood glucose and it was 160. Then she started crying about an "acid bubble". The last time she cried about those was right before we ended up in the hospital. So I started to get worried. Her foot was red and a little puffy.

We got home and I told her to go pee in a cup to check ketones. I dipped the strip and my mouth went all agape when the thing started turning dark. I matched up the color to "moderate ketones". I then checked her blood which was now 260. Temperature 99.1 Hmmmm...

I called the endocrinologist on call who told me not to worry too much about the ketones because we were giving her the insulin and her numbers weren't bad. He told me to call her pediatrician about her foot. He told me to follow sick day protocol in the binder and that was that.

I called the pediatrician's office. This is where the story gets a little funny because the nurse on call phoned me back and I started rambling on about what was going on and as I began to explain Alex was recently diagnosed with diabetes and blah blah blah the nurse interrupts me.."Terri? This is Wendy." I wasn't sure what she meant at first because I thought Wendy who? And was this not my doctor's office calling me back? It turns out it was Wendy...a mom I just met (virtually) through a local T1 diabetes group. Wendy...the mom with the Candy Hearts blog. It turns out she is an RN and does after hours calls for my pediatrician! You don't know how nice it was to talk to someone who at least knew some background information and I didn't have to start from square one. She let me know I should have Alex seen in the morning and take her into the ER overnight if she got a fever among a few other things.

So we spent the night getting up every 3 hours checking Alex's blood glucose, checking for ketones, and pushing a whole lot of water on her. By morning she had negative ketones and her blood glucose level was around 160. She said her foot felt a little better and only hurt if we pressed on the area that was red the night before. It no longer hurt to walk. The area wasn't red anymore though call me crazy but I can still see the area she is complaining about - it just seems a little puffier to me and the veins stick out some more so than the other foot.

Alex's pediatrician saw her this morning and said he had already called over to have her seen by an orthopedic doctor and get an MRI but since she was saying it was better that we could hold off to see if it kept improving. So here we are in the waiting game again. Alex demanded to go to school after the doctor's visit so I dropped her off and I guess we'll see what the weekend holds! I do hope the weekend holds some more sleep in store for us. I'm exhausted...

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