Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am going to go Office Space on that glucose meter...

I am sure it is user error but I am so over this whole glucose meter thing. Give me an insulin shot any day. But I hate this damn blood poking business. I am trying all the tricks. We use a heat pad to warm her fingers if they are cold. We run the fingers under warm water. We have her stand up and hold her hand downward. We "milk" the hand and finger. And at least once if not more times a day I poke her finger and a tiny drop of blood comes out but not enough. If I don't get enough blood the stupid thing throws an error. I can fill the strip up 3/4 and be trying to squeeze out more blood and the thing wants to read the 3/4 of blood and error out. So I've learned not to get blood on the strip until there is enough of a drop. But...sometimes there just isn't more than a small drop of blood coming out. What else am I supposed to do? I am squeezing her finger and warming her hand. Tonight I squeezed so hard she screamed and ran. Damn it all the hell! Can't the thing take a SMALL drop of blood.

My mother says I should try some other meters because she thinks the one we use needs more blood than some of the others. I also have to have the thing dialed on 6 or 7. I have been told others have it on 3 or 4. So I don't know if my daughter just doesn't have a lot of blood she wants to share or I have a crappy meter or she just has a crappy mother and can't use a meter. But it's bad enough to poke her. It sucks more than anything to poke or twice or three times because the first one didn't take.

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